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(Frequently Asked) Questions and Answers

Is Lourdes Water the same as Holy Water?

No, it is not. Holy water is any water blest by a priest, making it a sacramental which can be used to bless oneself, a home, etc. Lourdes Water is only water that comes from the spring at the Shrine in Lourdes, France. This water has not – nor need not – be blessed.
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Are there special prayers we have to pray with Lourdes water?

No. You can use the prayers in the flier you received with the Lourdes Water, which are also found here
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Does the water we receive from the Lourdes Center come from the spring in Lourdes, France?

Yes it does. The Lourdes Center has it shipped directly from the Shrine in France. Once here, the water is put in plastic containers and sent out to those who request it.

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Can other water be added to Lourdes Water to make it last longer?

No it cannot. If mixed with other water, the new mixture cannot reasonably be called Lourdes Water.
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Is Lourdes Water really miraculous?

In itself Lourdes Water is merely water from the spring at Lourdes. It has no curative or miraculous ingredients. Due to one's faith and God's mercy, Lourdes Water has proven miraculous for many who use it. "The Lady" who appeared to Bernadette never made any promises about the use of the water.
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Can you drink Lourdes Water?

The water is drinkable as it leaves our Center. We suggest caution with respect to possible tampering while in transit or in your mailbox. We cannot be responsible for what we cannot control.
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How much is a bottle of Lourdes Water?

The donation expected is $3 per bottle to cover shipping and bottling costs
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Why don't you charge for the Lourdes Water?

Just as Lourdes Water is free at the spring in Lourdes, it is free coming from us. The $3 donation covers the shipping cost from France to our Center in Boston, and the packaging and mining costs to get the water to you.
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